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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon, on your side. >> thank you for joining us. i am alison starling. we begin with the latest on hurricane earl. it is losing steam as it swirls off the coast. it is not a category one storm. but the heavy rain and winds -- it is now a category one storm, but the heavy rain and winds have caused a stir.
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coastal communities are not out of the woods just yet. we go live to atlantic beach, north carolina, but we want to begin with adam caskey in ocean city. bring us up-to-date. >> we are live in ocean city, and this tends to flood first. locals would now read a bit of a wash on the parking lot. -- locals would know. a bit of a wash up on the parking lot. this has been downgraded to category 1 at 11:00 a.m. maximum sustained winds at 85 miles per hour. as expected, it is accelerating now. it is centered 152 miles to the southeast from right here in ocean city. later on this evening, 8:00 p.m., it should be 245 miles to the northeast of ocean city.
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this should continue to slowly weekend. high tide at 4: 8. we will see these which continue to push up on the beach. -- these waves continue to push up on the beach. really the maximum wind gusts are only about 30 miles per hour. we may see a few slightly higher costs, but we are not anticipating it to get much worse than this. we're anticipating the sunset. where we are really seeing improvement is in north carolina. let's go to atlantic beach. >> it beautiful sunshine have to be on tap tonight, because there is not a cloud in the sky. they had to get the national guard in place and evacuated 100,000 people. in the end, though, the area got a break.
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>> we want to thank the people of north carolina who stood up and did what we asked them to do. we want to think the tourists who evacuated and who we now hope are coming back. >> the storm had a strong enough winds to shred an american flag. but before it got near the outer banks, it was downgraded to category two. now it has been downgraded again to category 1. >> we dodged a bullet. purely and simply, north carolina dodged a bullet. >> now the rest of the seaboard with the same stroke of luck. >> relatively minor weather situation. >> massachusetts has declared a state of emergency, with fema
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trailers full of supplies and ready to bolt if hit. -- to roll if hit. this labor day travelers is still on the move. north carolina's governor says that there were no major damages or injuries. alison, back to you. >> now we turned to what a lot of local vacationers want to know, how earl affected beach is closed -- beaches close to home. >> we have been talking about the wind and waves. really the most dramatic things we are seeing are the waves, and they will get a little more aggressive. you can -- you can see some very big waves. there are a lot of people who
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have come to look at them, too. we're not quite done with earl yet. strong and ferocious waves slamming into ocean city. this is hurricane earl. >> the winds are blowing it. >> the gates along the seawall or closed. -- are closed. earlier this morning, police cleared the beaches. >> they said, you know, you have got to get off the beach, off the water. >> it is disconcerting being the only person on the spee -- this beach. we are watching the waves get bigger and stronger. lifeguards would prefer people to just stay home. >> we just want people to use common sense and just be safe. >> still, people were out anyway. people decided to tempt fate and
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get into the water, despite warnings about potentially deadly recurrence. -- potentially deadly rip currents. this president told his boat from the water yesterday. -- resident pulled his boat from the water yesterday. >> this is my first hurricane. i was expecting more wind and more rain, but the winds are pretty ominous. >> you can see that the waves crashing against the rocks. people have been gathering against those rocks, and some of the waves of knock people down. with the rip currents the way they are, certainly there are some dangers here. we are live in ocean city. >> really powerful waves there.
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thank you so much for your reporting. we appreciate it. montgomery county's urban search and rescue team is in new england today. that team left late last night to help communities in massachusetts prepare for earl. fema activated the team, trained in rescuing victims in storm- damaged areas. when you are away from your television, check our web site,, for any updates. we turn our attention to the other big story of the day. we are getting a look inside the room or the discovery channel dunman lived at -- the discovery channel and dunman live, and we are hearing from his roommate. >> inside his room sits an empty gas can, one of several on making materials foul after
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a sweep -- bomb making materials found after a sweep on thursday. his house mate says that he never realized there was a factory operating right next door to his room. >> [unintelligible] >> he says that he was a polite and responsible were made. -- roommate. he did, however, notice one strange thing about his behavior -- he was obsessed with feeding animals outside his house. here is a box of books, including one entitled "saving planet earth." officials believe that it was his extreme views that led him to walk into the discovery building with explosive devices
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and hold three people hostage. >> some kind of devices in hand. >> swat teams radioed back and forth before killing james lee. the frightening discoveries at his home has neighbors on edge. >> it is a scary, especially when you have a child and you let them run around in the backyard and you don't know what will happen. we will keep a close watch. >> pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> miami international airport is running normally again after being shut down for several hours. the scientist was detained when officials doubt a medical canister that looked like a pipe bomb in his -- found a medical canister that look like a pipe bomb in his luggage. if not found any explosives. -- they have not found any explosives.
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the coast guard has said that no crude is leaking from this platform, owned by mariner energy. it happened west of the deepwater horizon explosion that occurred in april, leading to the massive bp oil spill. coming up, the one-stop shop for people looking to get help with their energy bills. where you can go to get assistance right now. >> plus, a big headache for some metro riders this weekend. >> and most redskins starters got a break last night as the game wrapped up the preseason. and we will go back live to the maryland shore for an update on earl.
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>> four d.c. police officers were injured in a two-car crash last night in prince george's county. it happened at indian head highway and old fort road. the officers want their way to work at the time -- were on their way to work at the time. things are getting it back to normal at the metro dupont circle station. a power outage knocked all the elevators and escalators and out of service this morning. the problem is fixed, but a previous outage required people to climb the 150-step escalators. you can expect a lot of delays on the other side of the red line this weekend. the transit system's largest ever maintenance project gets underway later tonight. ben eisler is live outside the
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glenmont station in montgomery county to tell us more. it starts tonight, right? 10:00? >> that's right, at 10:00 tonight. five stops on the bond will be closed this weekend -- on the red line will be closed. silver spring, glenmont. writers are putting the consequences. -- riders dreading the consequences. >> what can i say? >> he is planning to stay put this holiday weekend. as of 10:00 p.m., there will be no red line service between fort totten and glenmont. some understood the need for the closures. it was recommended by the
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national transportation safety board after last year's fatal crash. but others were not convinced there would be safer either way. >> there will be no results, but they are still asking for more money, more money, more money. every time i go to the station, i see escalators broke down. >> it will add more than 40 minutes to the total travel time and also complicate things for people with disabilities. this meant this with this ruple policy and worries about being able to find -- this man has cerebral palsy and worries about being able to find the right shuttle. the last station i wanted to mention was wheaton. all of these will be back up and running on tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. >> no labor day break for some virginia dmv employees. the agency will be open on monday on the holiday. they are trying to catch up on the backlog of cars licenses but
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on hold because of a computer -- driver's licenses put on hold because of a computer glitch gov. bob mcdonnell has ordered an independent review of the situation. law enforcement officers in six states are working together this weekend to catch drunk drivers. the effort began yesterday. maryland and virginia state police are among the agencies already in place. we want to return to our top story this friday. hurricane earl is weakening, but the effect is still being felt up and down the east coast. we go back to our meteorologist adam caskey in ocean city, maryland. good to see you again. >> we are on the south end, and this is one location famous for bigger waves. there is a big one coming in. big curlers come around. nobody allowed in the water right now. we could see waves slightly
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bigger than what we have right now. the worst of the storm is now up until 3:00, 3:30 this afternoon. we're talking steady wind gusts, and at the beach is a little higher than that. now, in terms of rainshowers, take a look at the storms and. -- storm scan. it is 152 miles southeast. the storm is gaining speed and will continue to accelerate, and will pass over 100 miles offshore. you see what that will do in terms of the waves and conditions on the beach in ocean city. the heavy rain is starting to move on shore. it is the big tropical rain that it -- tropical rain that blinds you. you could see some higher gusts
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of up to 45, at 50 miles per hour. this evening should be a decent son said. i would not be surprised if we get some clearing. tomorrow, breezy because of the cold front. there will be a lot of sunshine, and fantastic labor day holiday weather. looking good here. how about the local weather? >> it will be fantastic. we just need to get the storm out here. -- out of here. heading west, at darren tuck, allegany county, this all ahead of a cold front -- direct county, allegany county, this old ahead of a cold front. high-pressure hide it. that means lots of sunshine, -- high pressure builds behind it. that means lots of sunshine. tend to 12 degrees cooler for the high. clearing out absolutely
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wonderfully for the day tomorrow. delmarva beach, ocean city, 80 degrees. slightly cooler on sunday. breezy day for tomorrow. for the afternoon, we call for temperatures cooler than what we anticipated.riginally temperature's only in the 80's. tomorrow, could see some wind gusts from 20 to 25 miles per hour. are you ready for the fantastic extended outlook? n saturday about 80. very respectable conditions for tonight into tomorrow night. and then we will have temperatures that will warm and very, very nicely. earl moving out of here, as you saw with adam.
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west of d.c., and no rain. >> delightful. very good. thank you very much. the redskins' preseason is officially over. they lost to the arizona cardinals last night 20-10. albert haynesworth played all four quarters. the coach said afterwards he wanted to make sure haynesworth was "in football shape." and national start stephen stroudsburg is getting ready for -- nationals start stephen stroudsburg is getting ready for surgery today. he is not expected to return to action for at least a year. when abc 7 news at noon continues, another public plea from the incumbent mayor adrian fenty's wife as a motion takes on a greater role in the race. later today on "oprah," on a greater role in the race. later today on "oprah," christina
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storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home, and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately, geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on her tuffets. the burglar was later captured when he was spotted with whey on his face. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that?
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>> today is a d.c.'s and will join the utility discount day. nearly 6000 low-income residents can apply for help on their bills. it is being held at the washington convention center until some o'clock tonight turning to maryland now, -- until 7:00 tonight. turning to maryland now, polls will be open every day until september 9 except for this sunday. they opened at 10:00 a.m. and close at 8:00. in the district, four additional early voting sites open
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tomorrow. it comes as one of the most talked-about contests becomes more emotional. last night, michelle fenty, visibly upset with the second time in days after she talked about her husband's election. >> it is so far from the truth. >> wednesday, she seemed to be fighting back tears again when she addressed the media during the mayoral debate. still ahead, a funnel to the weather. -- final look at the weather. weather. -- final look at the weather.
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>> it sounds like you cannot ask for a better labor day weekend. >> once earl moves out, everything will clear up nicely. it continues to move from the north, northeast, gaining speed. a cold front to the west of the spread brings the cooler, -- cool front to the rest of us. it brings the cooler, drier air from the mid-atlantic. monday, mid-80's, tuesday and wednesday seeking up to the upper 80s. >> what a difference in the satellite picture now that yesterday. thank you for joining us. we will see you back here on
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